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Custom Spectrophotometer Cells

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Spectrocell manufactures a large number of custom cells built according to customer design and specifications. Types include flow cells, refractometer cells, micro cells, and ultra-small volume cells with volumes of .01 to .001 ml. Gas filled cells, permanently fused closed, and usually cylindrical type cells are also available. Custom coatings can be added to any of our cells

We have been successful with many types of gasses including oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen, argon, methane, ethane, and others, including precise mixtures of gases and special isotopes. Chemically pure gases or mixtures of gases are permanently sealed inside quartz cells at pressures from slightly below atmospheric to rarified.

Spectrocell is capable of quoting directly to your design in production of prototype quantities. We can also work with your engineers or design personnel to assist in development of a design to meet your needs.


Cell Type

Cylindrical cells
Flow cells

Gas Filled cells

Micro cells

Refractometer cells

Ultra-small volume cells


Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Monoxide




Nitrogen Dioxide



Cell Coatings

Spectrocell offers two types of custom coatings that can be applied to any of our cells for an additional cost. The Anti-reflection (AR) coating on cell windows will help reduce surface reflection losses. The mirror coating can enhance certain spectrophotometric applications when applied to the outside optical window(s) opposite from the light source and light detector.

Gas Filled Cells

Spectrocell has the capability to provide quartz or borosilicate glass cells that contain pure gases, or mixtures of pure gases, as specified by the user. Such cells are used as calibration standards or for other applications where a repeatable spectrum is desirable. The cell is evacuated down to 10 microns of pressure and then purged with the gas or gas mixture. The cell is then permanently sealed by fusing closed the filling aperture. The pressure of gas in the cell can generally be controlled very accurately from about 750 torr (.985 atmosphere) down to 50 to 60 Pa (about 0.5 torr). Exact pressures and specific repeatability are dependent upon the specific gas or gas mixture required. Once sealed closed, the lifetime of the cell is only limited by the permeability of the glass or quartz to the particular gases involved. Contact our technical sales department with your requirements for a prompt quotation.


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